by Devin Thorpe

My name is Devin Thorpe, and I am running for Congress because I am focused on eradicating poverty, improving global health, and reversing climate change. I am deeply optimistic about the future. I am excited to help bring about a world with equal opportunity for all, affordable and accessible health care, and a future with clean, cheap, and abundant energy.

In recent weeks, we have seen two of Representative John Curtis’ most disappointing votes. Utah’s Third Congressional District deserves better representation. Time after time, we have seen John Curtis fall in line with the Republican party instead of properly representing Utahns.

On July 20, the United States House of Representatives successfully moved to prohibit the resumption of nuclear weapons testing by passing Representative Ben McAdams’ amendment to the Department of Defense funding bill. Utah GOP Representatives John Curtis, Chris Stewart, and Rob Bishop joined other house GOP members in opposing this effort to halt nuclear tests.

Nuclear weapons tests have previously been done in Nevada and New Mexico, resulting in radiation fallout that spread across Utah. Utahns deserve representatives who care about the well-being of their constituents. Elect me as your congressman, and I will represent YOU. Shame on John Curtis, Chris Stewart, and Rob Bishop for falling in line with their party over representing the people of Utah.

On July 22, the United States House of Representatives voted on H.R. 7573. This bill sought to replace the bust of Roger Brooke Taney in the Old Supreme Court Chamber of the United States Capitol with a bust of Thurgood Marshall.

For those of you who don’t know, Roger Brooke Taney is a former Supreme Court Chief Justice known for being outraged by Northern attacks on slavery; he sought to use the Dred Scott Decision to permanently remove slavery as a subject of national debate.

H.R. 7573 was a non-controversial bill that passed with 73% approval; even staunch Republicans Chris Stewart, Kevin McCarthy, Devin Nunes, and Dan Crenshaw all voted “yea” on it.

And where was John Curtis? I’ll tell you where he was. He voted “NAY” on the bill. When I’m elected as your Congressman, you will not be ashamed of my votes. Ensuring the best future for all of us requires bold leaders with bold solutions. It’s time to say, “Enough is enough,” and elect a leader with Utah values and bold solutions. Let’s be bold together and elect me, Devin Thorpe, to represent you in Congress.