By Greg Skordas
The eight years I spent at the Salt Lake District Attorney’s Office, and the three years at the Salt Lake Legal Defenders Association, were the highlights of my legal career. I’ve always enjoyed public service, and have always known that someday I would return to public service full-time. Over the past four years, I have watched our country become more divisive than I can ever remember. I’ve sat back and been complacent for too long.

Our country and our state have always operated better when there is a fair and reasonable balance of power. We’ve seen several ballot initiatives in the past few years which demonstrate that I am not alone in this belief. The people of this state deserve an attorney general who will support the laws enacted by the voters.

In one ballot initiative, over 53 percent of Utah voters passed a measure to expand Medicaid to assist low-income citizens with desperately needed health coverage. Similarly, an identical 53 percent of Utah voters passed a citizen-initiated medical cannabis measure. In recent years, Utah voters also passed a ballot initiative to curb the practice of gerrymandering and allow independent redistricting commissions.

In all three instances, we have had an Attorney General and Legislature openly defy the public’s desires. The legislature continues to attempt to override or replace the will of the people, by passing watered-down legislation and then misleading the public into thinking it is implementing the law the people have voted to enact. The Attorney General sits back and does nothing at all, fearing the legislature’s backlash.

This indifference on the part of the Attorney General results in expensive and time-consuming lawsuits by individuals who are forced to go through the court system to seek judicial enforcement of the public’s desires—the exact job the Attorney General is elected to do. These lawsuits are a waste of time and tax dollars. Every decent lawyer already knows the inevitable outcome; that the expressed will of the people cannot and will not be ignored by the Attorney General and the legislature.

Utahns need an Attorney General who will stand up when the Federal Government withdraws protection from hundreds of thousands of acres of precious public lands.

Utahns need an Attorney General who will stand up when the Federal Government attempts to open up oil and gas drilling in our National Parks and Monuments.

I am ready to stand up.

I can no longer sit back and watch while our country is divided by a White House that bullies and intimidates our leaders who would dare defy it.

I’ve watched three consecutive Attorney General Administrations openly engage in a “pay to play” policy that allows generous political contributions to cloud legal oversight and independent investigation.

That’s why I’m determined to serve as Utah’s next Attorney General. To defend your rights and support your values.

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