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A Simple Solution for Modern Voter Registration

As the Utah County Democratic Party, our goal is to help make the people’s voice heard. The best way to do that is by being part of the political process by voting. That is why we have partnered with Rock the Vote to provide easy to use voter registration and GOTV efforts.

Since its inception, Rock the Vote’s Online Voter Registration (OVR) Platform has registered over 12 million voters and has been a trusted resource for more than a decade, with a proven track record of accessibility, security, and partner support. Exclusively recommended by the 2014 Bipartisan Presidential Commission on Election Administration, Rock the Vote’s OVR Platform is rigorously and continuously tested, mobile-friendly, and the only nationwide platform with seamless integration in eligible states – significantly increasing success rates.

The platform is available in 13 languages* and streamlines pre-registration for 16 and 17-year-olds in all available states. In states without OVR, or if a registrant doesn’t have the required ID for their state’s online system, address information for the thousands of local election officials across the country is provided by the U.S. Vote Foundation.

Place the Online Voter Registration Tool on your website for free. Just use this embed code:

<a href="">Register to Vote Here</a>