Election Day! At last. And if you haven’t turned in your ballot yet, or if you need to vote in person, here are all the resources you need.

Polls and drop boxes are open from 7 am until 8 pm on Tuesday, November 3rd. You don’t have to be in your home district—you can vote from anywhere in the county.

The basic rules: Election Day voting locations are designed to assist voters who need to replace their ballots, voters who did not receive a mail ballot, or voters who need to use a voting machine that offers accessible features such as an audio ballot. If you received a mail ballot, you are encouraged to skip the lines on Election Day by postmarking your ballot by November 2nd or depositing it in a county ballot drop box before 8:00 pm on Election Day.


Step ONE: Did you already mail your ballot? Have you tracked it to see if it was received?

Step TWO: If your ballot has not yet been received, you can go to a polling place and tell them, then request to vote in person. Your mailed ballot will be tagged to be “voided” when it does arrive. Now you can vote in person.

Step THREE: If you still need to drop off your ballot, if you need to replace a not-yet-received ballot, or if you need to vote in person, here is a list by city of the locations to do so.

NOTE: In-person voting is all DRIVE-UP this year—yay, Utah!—so it’s not going to require standing in line. You can sit in line in your vehicle (car, truck, bike, scooter, skateboard, horse). We assume there will be an option for audio ballot casting (either one machine they wipe down after each use, or a tablet of some sort that will also be wiped down). PLEASE WEAR A MASK any time your window is rolled down to communicate with a poll worker.

Utah County Voting Locations

AlpineDROP BOX: 20 North Main, Across from Legacy Park, next to black utility payment box.
American ForkDROP BOX: 64 S 100 E, On the Library Loop
 DRIVE-UP: American Fork LDS Church, 850 N 900 E
Eagle MountainDROP BOX: City Hall, 1650 E Stagecoach Run, at the city office on the north end of the building
HighlandDROP BOX: City Hall: 5400 W Civic Center Dr, at the city offices
LehiDROP BOX: City Hall: 153 N 100 E, At the city offices
 DRIVE-UP: Lehi LDS Church, 481 E 300 N
LindonDROP BOX: Lindon Community Center: 100 N State St., at the city office next to the utility drop box
MapletonDROP BOX: 125 West 400 North, Northeast corner of the parking lot by the utility drop box
OremDROP BOX 1: 56 N State St., Library Loop on 100 N State St
 DROP BOX 2: South End of Parking Lot on State St and Center St
 DRIVE-UP 1: Orem Center Point Church, 1550 Sandhill Road
 DRIVE-UP 2: Saint Francis of Assisi Church, 65 E 500N
PaysonDROP BOX: City Hall, 439 W Utah Avenue, next to the utility fee drop-off area
 DRIVE-UP: Payson LDS Church, 650 W 800 S
Pleasant GroveDROP BOX: 70 S 100 E, at the City Office next to the utility fee drop box
ProvoDROP BOX 1: Elections Office: 100 E Center Street, Provo, south side of building, next to Postal Service mailbox
 DROP BOX 2: Provo City Library: 550 N University Ave, north end by book return
 DROP BOX 3: Provo Towne Centre Mall: 1200 Towne Centre Blvd, north side of parking lot next to intersection of Towne Centre Blvd/Freedom Blvd
 DRIVE-UP 1: Provo LDS Church, 945 E 700 N 
SalemDROP BOX: City Library: 59 S Main Street, next to the book drop box on sidewalk
SantaquinDROP BOX: City Office: 275 W Main Street, next to front door
Saratoga SpringsDROP BOX: City Office: 1307 Commerce Dr, next to water utility payment drop box in the parking area
 DRIVE-UP: Saratoga Springs LDS Church, 612 W Pony Express Pkwy 
Spanish ForkDROP BOX: City Office, 40 S Main St, next to utility payment drop box
 DRIVE-UP: Spanish Fork Fairgrounds, 475 S Main St
SpringvilleDROP BOX: Civic Center: 110 S Main Street, South side next to utility payment drop box, facing west
VineyardDROP BOX: City Hall: 125 S Main, parking lot of the city office near the entrance