Wow, what a year we’ve had! From a passionate state party election to getting democrats elected finally in Utah County. We’ve had a crazy and eventful year for Democrats in Utah County.

Firstly, let’s start with what we’ve accomplished this year.

Utah County has grown incredibly. The number of caucuses we have exploded from 1 to 7, each with their complete executive committees and active with their state level counterparts. This has allowed the county to bring new members around issues they care about and not worry about having the democrat “D”.

On the topic of caucuses, at the state level. We’ve managed to increase our representation exponentially as a county. Almost every state level caucus has a member of Utah County as part of their leadership. Some caucuses such as Young Dems have almost all their leadership comprised of Utah County members. This kind of mobilization and activity from a county like Utah County has never been seen before! Utah County also has 2 members on the state executive committee (one voting and one non-voting). An achievement that has not been seen in Utah County in many generations.

We have managed to not just organize but also mobilize the UVU & BYU Dems thanks to the help of our County Young Dems! A feat that helped us in giving manpower to our 2021 canidates.

Speaking of candidates, this year we started recruiting early. We actually started back in 2019. We managed to recruit and train 6 candidates under our new and innovative training process. This experimental process lead us to have 4 of our 6 candidates win their races! This is a win rate of 66%! A rate unheard of for Democrats in Utah!

Let’s not forget about our 1st Annual Holiday Fundraiser Dinner, that was a tremendous success! We hosted 60+ people with some amazing food catered by Per Noi Tortilleria. With some amazing sponsors and guests, we managed to raise $3000 in total from this event. That is our second largest donation amount in this county’s history!

We’ve had a fruitful and fantastic 2021.

Now let’s look forward to 2022

The last 4 years have been focused on rebuilding the party and with that part done, its time to push the pedal to the metal. We can now focus on going on offense. The executive committee and various caucus chairs have looked at the redistricting map and have identified 13 races in 2022 that we are actively recruiting and fundraising for. We are in the process of creating a campaign supply chain so our campaigns have the resources and materials to get their message out into the community.

We are working on having a successful caucus night with an increased attendance of 50% above previous years. Not to mention having a full slate of active delegates at our County Convention.

After the incredible success of our last fundraiser dinner, we have started planning for 3 large fundraiser dinners in 2022. Thanks to the growth, successes, and connections we’ve made over the last couple years, these events will be more financially accessible thanks to sponsorship help.

These are just some of the plans we have for this upcoming year. We have all our cylinders running but we still need your help and donations to help support this growth we’ve been experiencing as a county party. We’ve shown its possible for Democrats to be successful in our county. So why not step up and become part of the change?

Are you fired up and ready to go?