Looking for excited and motivated individuals to join the “McAdams Family!”

This program serves as an opportunity to gain work experi- ence and exposure to campaigns through a speaker series, educational programming, connections to different areas of campaign work, and direct voter contact for an intense elec- tion cycle. Currently the program will be held remotely from home with management from campaign staff and will be redeemable for college credit. You’ll gain a cohort of motivat- ed and ambitious friends working toward a common goal: to re-elect Ben McAdams!

Application Deadlines:

Summer term: Friday, July 3rd

Fall term: Friday, August 28th

Term Dates:

Summer term: July 13th-September 7th (Labor Day)

Fall term: September 8th-November 3rd (Election-Day)

Applicants should email their resume to Natalie Thomas at thomas@dccc.org, titled “McAdams Family Application” and include the name of their school in the body of the email