What a year it’s been since our county convention.

Sorry—it’s only been two months. Has it felt like a year for you, too? And now it’s fully summer, two major holidays coming this next month, and quarantine overshadowing it all.

It’s hard to not turn inward. To feel overwhelmed. And yet I’ve seen our Utah County Democrats working hard, looking outward, and building up our community.

We’ve got Democrats working tirelessly in our Campaign Liaison Program, bolstering campaigns and helping them connect and meet their campaign needs so they can put their best foot forward. Huge thank you to the efforts put in by Jocelyn Carlin, Katie L. Adams-Anderton, Nathan Merkley, and Max Reid for kicking this off!

We’re starting Candidate recruitment for 2021 and 2022. Katie has worked the county from North to South and East to West, gathering data on all the races so we can recruit candidates and help those candidates plan their way, from municipal and school board seats to state house and senate and more.

Traci Lawrence (Facebook “Terry Wylis”) has jumped on board to help us get this monthly newsletter and weekly blog off the ground, and big thanks for undertaking the task.

We’re resolving the financial issues Scott Condie brought to our attention during his term of office, and we’re connected with the Lieutenant Governor’s office to square things up before this term of office ends for the current Executive Committee.

We have the enigmatic Project Cobalt, a software initiative being built by our vice-chair Kevin Perez and Tony Morgan. If you have software programming skills and some time to share, reach out to Kevin, and see if you can help.

We’re coordinating with the campaigns and planning our events for Q3 as a County Party; Melanie Stone is coordinating that effort.

And we’re not working only in Utah County. We’re coordinating with counties around us to see if these excellent efforts can be tailored to their population and demographics. And we couldn’t do that without everyone named above.

I see a lot of helpers, and I know those listed are the tip of the iceberg. Utah County Democrats are an amazing group, and I’m proud and humbled to serve you. 

You’re the kind of people Fred Rogers talked about. “When I was a boy and I would see scary things in the news,” Rogers said to his television neighbors, “my mother would say to me, ‘Look for the helpers. You will always find people who are helping. ‘“

Things may be scary, but I see lots of helpers. Time may seem to pass slowly, but it’s all the more time to help and do good, and you are doing it. Let’s continue to turn outward. Let’s be the helpers. Let’s be the good that changed Utah County forever for the better.