The Utah County Democratic Party is an inclusive and diverse community that is run, organized, and participated in by people from all walks of life. That is why we as the Executive Committee of the Utah County Democratic Party are issuing this statement, to make it clear that we welcome people regardless of their background, their gender, the faith they practice, the people they love, or the color of their skin.

We as the Executive Committee 2019-2021 have always stood for these values and will defend them at all costs. We will not tolerate any comments or actions in this party that reflect anything less than our Democratic values… Utah values.

Further, as the Executive Committee, we want to speak plainly to any of you who may have felt pushed away or marginalized in the past by others in the party. You are welcome. You are wanted. We’re a big tent. We’re sorry you’ve felt anything but welcome. We are here with open arms. We support you and are happy to welcome you into our family.