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Our focus is on putting Utah County issues first, fighting for families, seniors, students, and veterans, and working to elect Democrats across the state, while holding Republicans accountable across the board. From the grassroots to the Capitol steps, the only way we can move our county forward is if we work together to build a stronger, better Utah County Democratic Party.

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Why I’m Running for Utah House District 63

I am a young, ambitious candidate who views my political career as an opportunity to unite Provo’s students and long-term residents to create an environment that is welcoming, innovative, and community-focused.

State Chair Message

By Jeff Merchant, Utah Democratic Party Chair—Hello Utah County Democrats! As you read this, the season is officially shifting from Summer to Fall.  And the days of election season starting after Labor Day are long gone; now is the time for everyone to do what...

2020: PLAN Your Vote

This year as never before, our right to vote—and as I consider it, our civic duty as American citizens—is being threatened.

Why I’m Running for Utah Attorney General

Our country and our state have always operated better when there is a fair and reasonable balance of power. The people of this state deserve an attorney general who will support the laws enacted by the voters.

Why I’m Running for Utah’s 3rd Congressional District

Utah’s Third Congressional District deserves better representation. Time after time, we have seen John Curtis fall in line with the Republican party instead of properly representing Utahns.

We Want to Hear from YOU!

A newsletter is only as useful as its content. So tell us what you’d like to hear or learn about! Nathan Merkley created an awesome Google Form for us. Here’s the link:...

Vice Chair Message: A 10-Year Master Plan

by Kevin Perez, County Vice-Chair The first step in fixing any problem is admitting there is one, and we have a major problem facing Utah Democrats.  The Utah County Democratic Party over the last several decades has slowly been losing power and representation in Utah...

How to Social Media for a Political Campaign

Most Millennials (23-38) and Gen Zs (7-22) connect online infinitely more than they do anywhere else. Here are some tips from a Gen Z on How To Social Media For A Political Campaign.

All for the Want of a Bullet (Point)

The Constitution contains an outline stating the purpose of all that comes after. Why don’t we use it to defend our platform?

Technology and Our Democratic Republic

There’s a lot at stake coming up in this year’s general election. From the presidential nominees to the local initiatives and state legislative measures, we expect to see stark change in how this country is run. As exciting and frightening as it all is, I cannot help but point out an issue that is being kicked down the road: technological advancement.

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